Peak Season For Caribbean Resorts

As I write this, the road outside is being covered with a thick film of fresh snow. It seems a lifetime since I last saw sunshine – so it comes as no surprise that my mind should now start drifting towards the idea of Caribbean resorts.

Let’s just linger on those two words for a moment. They conjure up all sorts of wonderful visions: white sands, blue sky, palm trees and strange and exotic cocktails – with umbrellas in them. What a lot of fun might be had.

Now is a good time to start thinking about heading off to the sun, but it often surprises me why we in Britain endure months of wind, rain, sleet and all sorts of weather-based torture and, just when things start to pick up, we pack our bags and head to the airport. Surely it should be the other way around, especially when you consider the expense of booking out of season.

With that in mind its small wonder that so many people flock towards Caribbean resorts in winter. While it snows here, January and February time are the perfect times to go. The weather is at its best and holiday season is in full swing. You can have the added luxury of phoning back home and casually asking what’s it’s like out there.

Best of all for sports lovers, it’s cricket season in the Caribbean. While it’s impossible to get test cricket without selling off close family members, prices are remarkably reasonable. What more could you ask for than to enjoy world class sport for less than it would cost to go and see a low league football game?

Conversely, consider the people that annually fly out in June only to find themselves beset by torrential rain and storms. Between June and November, it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean and life can get spicy to say the least. Caribbean resorts will stay open during this time but it is definitely low season and while you may get a few decent deals, there’s no fun coming back home only to find they’ve been enjoying beer garden weather for the past few weeks.

So when booking your holiday do your research. Caribbean resorts do some excellent short term deals so it’s not too late to get out there for some spring – a great excuse to start your summer early. As they say in England: “if you don’t like the weather, simply go away for a bit and then come back later. It’s one of life’s delicious ironies that while we’re sheltering from sleet today we could be sunning ourselves in a beer garden in just a couple of weeks. It’s global warming at its best.

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